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Work Hard, Play Hard: SPC11 Event Map

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If you’re attending the SharePoint Conference you’re expecting to return home with valuable knowledge from the world’s leading SP experts. Knowledge that will inspire you to become more productive with SharePoint no matter which tier of SharePoint you’re working with.

However, you will certainly suffer from information overload during the week – but knowing this you can take proper precautions. You’ll need two things:

  1. OneNote
  2. SharePints

Using OneNote is worth a handful of blog posts of its own (I’ll write something soon) but for now you can take a look at this and this.

More importantly, you need to make sure that you focus on something which isn’t SharePoint-related at the end of each conference day. Cue the SPC11 Event Map which pinpoints the different parties, receptions and other social gatherings during SPC11. So, leave your hotel room behind and join your fellow SP enthusiasts for a few SharePints.

Click the screenshot to go to the map:


I’ve made the map public so please add your own events (use green pins). If you have suggestions for restaurants, sights and so on, please add them with appropriate pins – or drop a comment below and I’ll update the map. This is work in progress and I’ll update the map during the conference.

Thanks to Jeremy Thake and Robert Piddocke for contributing. Jeremy’s comprehensive SharePoint community calendar can be found here.


Written by Thomas Sondergaard

September 24, 2011 at 11:14 pm

Travel with the Experts to the SharePoint Conference

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Last year PeopleNet gathered more than 30 Danish SharePoint enthusiasts for a series of events at the SharePoint Conference in Seattle.

The events went down a storm and the Danish delegation benefitted a great deal from the networking facilitated by PeopleNet.


Next stop Las Vegas

This year, we are taking things a step further – we are putting together a complete conference package which includes:

  • Return airline ticket (Copenhagen – Las Vegas)
  • Hotel (Mandalay Bay)
  • Conference pass
  • Special events during the week of the conference

This way, SharePoint stakeholders from different Danish organisations get to travel with like-minded people instead of going to the conference alone.


For more info (in Danish), click here.

Written by Thomas Sondergaard

March 2, 2009 at 12:56 pm

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SharePoint 2009 and SharePoint Conference 2009

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2009 looks to be a big year for Microsoft, release-wise. The very promising beta of Windows 7 has just been released and Office 14 should be out towards the end of the year.

This gives credit to the rumor that the next version of SharePoint is due to be released in the fourth quarter of this year. There is no official statement from Microsoft which confirms neither when the next release is due, nor what it will be called, but SharePoint 2009 is probably a good bet.


SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas!

Moreover, the next SharePoint conference is not held in March as usual; it’s been slated for Q4 as well! As you may know, the conference normally swaps between Europe and the US and since last year’s conference was held in Seattle one would assume that this year a return to Europe would be in order.

But one would be wrong in that assumption. A very good source has revealed that the conference will stay on American soil (i.e. Las Vegas). This ties in nicely with the coincidental release of SharePoint 2009. Microsoft obviously want to throw the release party (the conference) of their top products (Office, SharePoint) on their own turf


New Features in SharePoint 2009

Likely new features in SharePoint 2009 are:

In addition, I sincerely hope that Microsoft are rethinking the database architecture behind SharePoint. Most developers are acutely aware that biggest hurdle for SharePoint world domination is the way SharePoint handles relations and large quantities of data.


SharePoint 2007 Service Pack 2

Before version-next we’ll probably see another service pack for SharePoint 2007. Service Pack 2 will bring a number of improvements to the client-side Office applications as well as a few to the server:

  • Variations: Performance and manageability improvements including STSADM commands for repairing links between source and target pages
  • Office Project Web Access: Improvements around processing status approvals from Office Project Web Access into Office Project Professional 2007
  • Content databases: Improvements to read-only content databases and index rebuild timer jobs in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Not terribly exciting but more features may materialise before the update hits Microsoft’s download servers.